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Monday, 27 September 1971


Mr. Ambassador,

We listened attentively to the respectful expressions you have just addressed to us on presenting the Letters that accredit you as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of El Salvador to the Holy See.

Your references to the action of the Church and to our apostolic work find a warm response in the affection we cherish in our heart for all our beloved children of El Salvador, whose noble Catholic traditions cannot but foster fraternal social life and peaceful progress.

The moral riches of Christian sentiment that are characteristic of your people, have helped to build up the human, cultural and spiritual patrimony of El Salvador, impelled by the regenerating power of the evangelical message.

Throughout this historical period, the Church has shared the concerns and aspirations of your people, devoting her solicitude as "Mother” and "Teacher" to ensuring a full life for individuals and social groups. She, whose spiritual mission aims at discovering and actualizing the eternal dimension of man and at tightening the brotherly ties of the human family, will continue to carry out faithfully, through her teachings and pastoral work, her activity as the sower of concord, the promoter of justice and charity, the indefatigable spokesman of peace.

We are well aware, and Your Excellency kindly recalled it a few moments ago, how near the spirit of the people of El Salvador is to the cause of these ideals, so dear to us. And we are fully confident that, faithful to evangelical preaching, they will be able to redouble their best efforts, in the hope of ensuring new horizons for social life and solidarity, so that each individual may be able to develop completely the vocation inherent in the dignity of the person, in an environment of respect for legitimate aspirations and freedoms, and of fraternal collaboration; and thus become a valid element of Christian promotion and progress the Community.

Thanking Your Excellency for the respectful greeting you transmitted to us on behalf of His Excellency the President of the Republic and your devoted personal sentiments, we express to you our best wishes and we assure you, Mr. Ambassador, of our benevolence for the successful fulfilment of your lofty mission, while we invoke divine blessings on all our beloved sons of El Salvador.

*ORa n.40 p.2.


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