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Monday, 26 November 1973


After five years, the pleasure of receiving you is again ofofered to us. We thank you for having desired this simple, cordial meeting, this dialogue that makes is possible to discuss concerns, draw bonds tighter and express wishes.

You bring to us here the greeting of the people of Gabon, a proud, courageous people, determined to make the human and economic resources at its disposal bear fruit. It is not afraid of the future. An immense field of possibilities lies before it. It sets to work boldly and confidently upon it. It will know how to cultivate it, taking as priority aims the raising of the living standard of all the citizens, the promotion of spiritual and cultural values, and the respect for individual and social freedom, without which all effort would be vain.

Our good wishes accompany this vast programme. They are addressed in the first place to Your Excellency who bear heavy responsibilities on your shoulders. They are also addressed to your dear ones, to the members of your suite and to all the inhabitants of your country, so near our heart. Finally they are addressed with particular affection to our Catholic sons, that they may work generously for the good of their country, in faithfulness to the Gospel.

We wish happiness and prosperity to yourself, Mr. President, and to all the Gabonese, invoking the blessings of Almighty God.

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