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Pontifical Palace in Castel Gandolfo
Wednesday, 23 October 1946


It affords Us great pleasure indeed to welcome this distinguished group of American editors and publishers who have come to survey the European situation at so critical a period of the world's history.

Nature is resourceful in hiding the ravages of war; in brief time she covers the battlefields with verdure so that a casual observer is unaware of the ruin taken from his gaze.

Something akin to this can happen to men who live far from the actual post-war scene; distance may mask the real situation and cause them to judge the remote to be non-existent.

You, Gentlemen, in your travel have observed that thousands of innocent victims of the recent conflict are still homeless and deprived of the elemental requirements of decent living. To particularize is not necessary; for the vision is vividly present to you. The clash of arms has long since ceased; but for tens of thousands the ravages of war are still most actual. There is an immense need of material reorganization, but there is still greater need of spiritual rehabilitation; and one can with difficulty be achieved without the other. It is imperative that men be brought to a renewed appreciation of those eternal verities which, while they fully warrant the hope of future recompense for sufferings rightly borne, give courage to endure present misfortunes.

Your profession affords you the unique opportunity of sharing in this twofold reconstruction; because it is for you not merely to inform your readers of what you have seen, but also to stimulate right thinking by the just interpretation of what you have observed.

Our wish and Our prayer shall be that the Father of mercies and the God of Truth may prosper your efforts in this noble and challenging field, and bless you and all those dear to you most abundantly.

*Discorsi e Radiomessaggi di Sua Santità Pio XII, VIII,
 Ottavo anno di Pontificato, 2 marzo 1946 - 1° marzo 1947, p. 275
 Tipografia Poliglotta Vaticana


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