erly evaluating an age is to ask to what extent it
fosters the development and attainment of a full
and authentically meaningful human existence, in
accordance with the peculiar character and the
capacities of that age”.
225. This criterion also applies to evangeliza-
tion, which calls for attention to the bigger pic-
ture, openness to suitable processes and concern
for the long run. The Lord himself, during his
earthly life, often warned his disciples that there
were things they could not yet understand and
that they would have to await the Holy Spirit (cf.
16:12-13). The parable of the weeds among
the wheat (cf.
13:24-30) graphically illustrates
an important aspect of evangelization: the enemy
can intrude upon the kingdom and sow harm,
but ultimately he is defeated by the goodness of
the wheat.
Unity prevails over conflict
226. Conflict cannot be ignored or concealed.
It has to be faced. But if we remain trapped in
conflict, we lose our perspective, our horizons
shrink and reality itself begins to fall apart. In
the midst of conflict, we lose our sense of the
profound unity of reality.
227. When conflict arises, some people simply
look at it and go their way as if nothing hap-
Das Ende der Neuzeit
, Würzburg, 1965, 30-31.
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