to all people, until it has healed and strengthened
every aspect of humanity, until it has brought all
men and women together at table in God’s king-
dom. The whole is greater than the part.
ocial dialogue as a contribution to peace
238. Evangelization also involves the path of
dialogue. For the Church today, three areas of
dialogue stand out where she needs to be pres-
ent in order to promote full human development
and to pursue the common good: dialogue with
states, dialogue with society – including dialogue
with cultures and the sciences – and dialogue with
other believers who are not part of the Catholic
Church. In each case, “the Church speaks from
the light which faith offers”,
contributing her
two thousand year experience and keeping ever
in mind the life and sufferings of human beings.
This light transcends human reason, yet it can
also prove meaningful and enriching to those
who are not believers and it stimulates reason to
broaden its perspectives.
239. The Church proclaims “the Gospel of
peace” (
6:15) and she wishes to cooperate
with all national and international authorities in
safeguarding this immense universal good. By
preaching Jesus Christ, who is himself peace
2:14), the new evangelization calls on
XVI, Address to the Roman Curia
(21 De-
cember 2012): AAS 105 (2013), 51.
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