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Cardinal Angel Suquía Goicoechea, Archbishop emeritus of Madrid (Spain), was born on 2 October 1916 in Zaldivia, diocese of San Sebastián (Spain). He was ordained priest on 7 July 1940.

In 1946 he began his studies at the Pontifical Gregorian University and received a doctorate in theology. In October 1951 he was named professor of dogmatic and moral theology at the diocesan seminary of Vitoria. From October 1955 until September 1965 he acted as rector of the same seminary and as professor at the school of social workers and at the center of superior religious studies. He was also assistant of the National Catholic Association of Propagandists, director of the diocesan secretariat for the spiritual development of Vitoria City. He was also vice president of the spirituality institute of the University of Salamanca.

On 17 May 1966, he was nominated Bishop of Almería and received episcopal ordination on 16 July. During this period, he was dedicated to the needs of the clergy, restructured the seminary and established the first presbyteral council of the diocese.

On 28 November 1969 he was nominated Bishop of Málaga and was installed 25 January 1970. On 13 April 1973 he was promoted to the metropolitan see of Santiago de Compostela. He was known for his pastoral work in every area. 

On 12 April 1983 he was made Archbishop of Madrid. 

28 July 1994, Archbishop emeritus of Madrid.

He is also the author of many published works.

Created and proclaimed Cardinal by John Paul II in the Consistory of 25 May 1985, of the Title of Gran Madre di Dio (Great Mother of God).

Cardinal Angel Suquía Goicoechea died on 13 July 2006.

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