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[Updated: 16.03.2001]


Cf. Historical notes in Annuario Pontificio, 2001, pages 1619-1620.

On 20 February 1939 as part of the newspaper LÂ’Osservatore Romano an Information Office was created with the function of transmitting information to journalists (Cf. O.R. 23 February 1939).

In 1966 a Press Office was instituted as an information organ during Vatican Council II. This office took over the role of the 1939 Information Office and began to function as the Holy See Press Office under the Pontifical Commission for Social Communications.

Later on, according to the new directives approved by John Paul II and communicated by letter from the Secretary of State of 28 May 1986, the Holy See Press Office would become responsible for the diffusion of the news concerning the acts of the Holy Father and the activity of the Holy See, and in performing its work has its own operative autonomy, analogous to LÂ’Osservatore Romano, Radio Vatican and Vatican Television Center.

The Apostolic Constitution Pastor Bonus on the Roman Curia of 28 June 1988 art. 43 states that the Press office is "the special office" dependent on the First Section of the Secretariat of State which publishes and divulges the "official announcements of acts of the Supreme Pontiff and of the activities of the Holy See".

The Vatican Information Service (V.I.S.) was founded on 28 March 1990 as part of the Holy See Press Office.  V.I.S. is a new information system of the Holy See which provides daily information on the magisterial and pastoral activities of the Holy Father and the Holy See, to a vast audience including Pontifical Representatives, bishops and ecclesial institutions throughout the world.  Transmitted in English, Spanish, French and Italian, via fax or e-mail, V.I.S. appears on the Vatican Internet site.

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