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Accreditation Procedure
at the Holy See Press Office

[Updated: 18.02.2012]


  • Address:

Holy See Press Office
Accreditation Office

Via della Conciliazione 54

Telephone: +39-06-698.92.1
Telefax: +39-06-6868810

[this E-mail address is reserved exclusively for sending
information, photographs, etc. in electronic form regarding
the accreditation procedure]

  • Office hours:

from Monday to Friday, on working days (according to the Vatican calendar):
11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

  • For TEMPORARY accreditation it is necessary to present the Accreditation form, with the following:

1. Letter of request for temporary accreditation to the Holy See Press Office signed by the Management of the news organization, specifying the period and the event for which accreditation is being requested, stating that the applicant is a professional journalist assigned to cover the information regarding the Holy See; and including a comitment to respect the ethical norms of the journalistic profession (ex. those concerning embargo, etc.).

In the case of free-lance journalists, a letter of presentation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Diplomatic representative of the country where the press organisation is located.

2. Photocopy of the press card (for those who come from countries where this exists).

3. Photocopy of a valid passport or another valid identity document.

4. No. 1 recent passport-size colour photograph signed behind.

  • In addition, the following is required for PERMANENT accreditation:

5. A copy of the residence certificate or residence permit in Rome.

6. A copy of at least 10 signed recent articles.

7. Professional curriculum.

  Renewal of an accreditation [Italian]


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