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23-28 JULY 2002


Canada                    WYD 2002, Toronto                   Ontario

[Updated: 14.03.2002]


Information for journalists released on 14 March 2002 by:

Paul Kilbertus
Director of Communications

World Youth Day (WYD) 2002
415 Yonge Street, Suite 900
Toronto (Ontario) M5B 2E7

Telephone: +1-416-971.5353 ext. 231
Telefax: +1-416-971.7879



WYD Media Registration Opens

On behalf of World Youth Day (WYD) 2002 it is our aim to assist you, and provide you with the necessary information you will need to ensure your assignments are successfully completed.

Registration is the first step to facilitate your task of reporting on WYD 2002. For this purpose we are making credential registration and accommodation forms available to you. These must be completed and returned to WYD 2002 no later than May 30, 2002 . Failure to return the forms on time might result in you not receiving credentials.

To access the on-line registration forms please click go to . Where a signature is required, as an alternative to mailing the hard copy of the form it can be scanned and sent electronically or the page can be faxed.

In brief the following provides information on media operations, services and certain costs to be incurred:

Credentials and Media Access to Events

There is no charge to register for credentials or for media access to cover the events. Once your application is approved, you will be notified where and when you can obtain your official photo ID media credentials. Each individual must get their photo ID credentials in person.

Workspace in Media Centres

General workspace in the media centre, including tables and chairs is free. Media will be charged for telephone lines, long distance charges, facsimile, high-speed internet connections, rental of laptops, sound booths and broadcast editing suites. Other special requests for equipment, structures and services on-site in the media centres will be negotiated on an individual basis and costs to be incurred will be charged to the media concerned. For meals, see the section below.

Broadcast Media

CBC is the official host broadcaster for WYD 2002. They will be sending out a broadcast media survey by the end of March.


Media are responsible for the cost of their accommodation while in Toronto. Through the registration process, media can apply for accommodation at one of the WYD 2002 official hotels. Any room requests must be submitted by April 12, 2002 . After that date, WYD will not be able to guarantee a room to members of the media.


WYD 2002 has developed a meal plan for visiting media working in the media centres. Meal plan tickets will be issued to media during registration and are redeemable in the media centres only.


Media are responsible for their transportation to and from Toronto. WYD 2002 will provide a regularly scheduled free shuttle bus service from two central Toronto designated hotels to the media centres at Exhibition Place and Downsview Lands. Media will be able to use the free shuttle buses if they have official media credentials issued by WYD 2002. The distance between the two media centres is 15 kilometres. Transportation services will be available between the official hotel and the media centres at Exhibition Place from July 20 - 28, 2002 and to Downsview Lands from July 22 - 28, 2002.

Broadcast Frequencies

Media requiring broadcast frequencies must apply for frequencies directly through Industry Canada. We have attached a broadcast frequency application form for this purpose.

Visas, Travel Insurance

Members of the media must ensure that they have the correct travel visas for entering Canada and medical insurance during their stay. You must have a valid Passport and Visa (if required) to gain entry into Canada. WYD 2002 will not be responsible for acquiring visas or medical insurance for media.

Useful Web sites

Please visit our web site for background information and updates on activities at . To view media releases go to "services" then "media".

The following are some additional useful web site links you may want to visit in preparation for your trip to WYD 2002.

Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops:

Archdiocese of Toronto:

Government of Canada:
This is the main link for information about the Government of Canada, a bilingual English/French site. This site contains information for Canadians, visitors to Canada and business visitors, as well as links to federal government departments and information about federal programs and services.
Other useful direct and bilingual links are: for information about Canadian foreign policy and Canada's role in the world; for information about visitor visas; (and French version) for information about items permitted or prohibited for entry into Canada; and for information from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency about food items permitted or prohibited for entry into Canada.

Province of Ontario:
Provincial World Youth Day Secretariat
Main Provincial web site:
Ontario tourism web site:

City of Toronto:

We hope this information will answer any questions you may have with regards to credentials and accommodation. We look forward to meeting you in Toronto and helping facilitate your coverage of this event

Paul Kilbertus
Director of Communications

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