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The Latinitas Foundation was established in 1976 by Pope Paul VI with the Pontifical Chirograph Romani sermonis and it has the following objectives:

1) to promote the study of the Latin language, classical literature and Medieval Latin;

2) to promote the increased use of the Latin language by publishing texts in Latin and other suitable means.

Among its principal activities are:

- the journal Latinitas, founded in 1953. Latinitas is written completely in Latin and is published four times a year. It deals with cultural topics in the areas of literature, philology, history, the sciences and other disciplines. Particular attention is given to the Diarium Latinum which deals with current issues in a journalistic style;

- the Certamen Vaticanum, an international Latin poetry and prose competition, also established in 1953. Prizes are awarded to the winners towards the end of the year;

- the organization of intensive Latin language courses according to the so-called natural method, i.e. the teaching of Latin by speaking Latin;

- the organization of congresses, conferences and debates on Latin culture;

- the promotion of the Lexicon recentis Latinitatis, an important dictionary of neologisms: it contains over 15,000 words. Experts from all over the world have contributed to this work;

- the Feriae Latinae.