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Castel Gandolfo
Saturday, 5 July 2008


Dear Friends,

I am pleased to see you. It revives in me vivid memories of the marvellous day on which I was able to bless the new organ, the "Benedikt-Orgel", in the "Old Chapel".

An unforgettable memory lives on in my mind of how, in the harmony of the splendid new organ and of the choir conducted by Mr Kohläufl and in the beauty of that luminous church, we felt the joy that comes from God - not only the "spark of the gods" of which Schiller speaks but truly the splendour of the flame of the Holy Spirit that enabled us to feel in our hearts what we also know from the Gospel according to John: that he himself is joy. And this joy was communicated to us.

I am pleased that this organ is constantly being played and thus helping people to perceive something of the splendour of our faith - a splendour kindled by the Holy Spirit himself. Thus the organ has an evangelizing role, it proclaims the Gospel in its own way.

Here we can offer neither an organ nor a choir, but we have the beauty of this "castle" and the beauty of the South that spreads out all around us, although perhaps the sun is now radiating too much heat; yet the light of the South will endure as a miniature celebration that will be a beautiful memory for all of you to take home.

I also see that we shall be receiving gifts and thus I can immediately express my gratitude to you in advance, for you did not come here empty-handed. I wish you rich, beautiful days here in Rome. And please convey my warmest greetings to Regensburg and to the "Old Chapel"!


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