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Monday, 9 June 1975 


It is a great joy for us this morning to receive the Queen of the Maoris. In you we greet the representative of an ancient and revered people, the first inhabitants of the land of New Zealand. In you we honour respected traditions and age-old customs which have become the object of admiration beyond the limits of your native land and beyond the cultural circle of your people.

We render homage to the joyous acceptance given by your people to the Christian message - an acceptance which has been for them a fruitful source of enrichment, inspiration and brotherhood. And this brotherhood has meant so much in your history and in the development of the entire country of New Zealand.

On your return we would ask you to take our greetings to all the beloved Maori people and to assure them of our esteem and our benevolence. We would likewise ask you to tell them that they have a special place in our heart and in our prayers. Upon all we invoke the choicest blessings of Almighty God.


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