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People on the Move

N° 84, December 2000

Table of Contents

  1. Articles

The Situation of Migrants and Refugees around the World
and the Church's Response

H.E. Msgr. Stephen Fumio HAMAO

Entertaining Angels in Oceania
[French summary, Italian summary]

Pastoral Contacts in the Airport World
[French summary, Spanish summary]

Weltkirche in Wien
Dr. Petrus BSTEH und Frau Brigitte M. PROKSCH
English summary, Italian summary]

Vida de mar y familia: dos realidades en tensión
[English summary, German summary]

  1. Documentation

Message to the National Conference on the Pastoral Care of Nomadic People
H.E.Msgr. Stephen Fumio HAMAO

Greetings to the Bishops of the USA at their Annual General Meeting in Washington
H.E.Msgr. Stephen Fumio HAMAO

La Chiesa Cattolica e gli Zingari
H.E.Msgr. Stephen Fumio HAMAO

Giubileo del mondo dello spettacolo
S. Em. Card. Roger ETCHEGARAY

Convegno internazionale rifugiati in patria. Promuovere la protezione internazionale
S.E. Mons. Francesco GIOIA

The Presence of the Church in Migration
A Report on four Regional Consultations and a World Meeting on the Pastoral Care of Migrants

Dott.ssa Nilda Castro
[Italian summary]

Visit to Slovak Romanies - Gypsies
Msgr. Anthony CHIRAYATH

Cambiare la vita per salvare il tempo e il creato
Mons. Carlo Mazza