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To Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz
 Archbishop of Warsaw

I learned with sorrow of the death of Cardinal Józef Glemp, Archbishop emeritus of Gniezno and of Warsaw, Primate of Poland. I join you, dear Brother, the Presbyterate and the faithful of the Church in Poland in the prayers of thanksgiving for the life and pastoral ministry of this praiseworthy minister of the Gospel.

His episcopal motto, Caritati in iustitia — for charity in justice — accompanied him throughout his life and directed his way of thinking, evaluating, making choices, taking decisions and offering guidelines for pastoral action. He was a “just” man in the spirit of St Joseph, his Patron and the Patron of all those who in the biblical tradition could hear the voice of God addressing his call not only to them personally, but also to the communities to which they had been sent. This justice, full of humble adherence to God’s will, formed the basis of his deep love for God and for people. It was his light, inspiration and strength in the demanding ministry of steering the Church through an epoch in which important social and political transformations affected both Poland and Europe. Love of God and love of the Church, concern for the life and dignity of every man and woman made him an apostle of unity against division, of concord in the face of conflict. Thus the common construction of a happy future is founded on its joyful and painful experiences of the Church and of the people.

In pursuing the work of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński he was in constant communion and spiritually bound to Pope John Paul II, and he resolved numerous issues and problems in the political, social and religious life of Poles, with great prudence. Trusting in divine Providence, he looked with optimism to the new millennium into which he was granted to usher the community of believers in Poland.

In the last stage of his life he was tried by suffering that he bore serenely. In this trial too, he continued to witness to his entrustment to the goodness and love of Almighty God.

I always appreciated his sincere kindness, his simplicity, his openness and his cordial dedication to the cause of the Church in Poland and throughout the world. Thus in my memory and in my prayers he will live on. May the Lord receive him into his glory!

I warmly impart my blessing to you, Venerable Brother, to the Polish Cardinals and Bishops, to the relatives of the late Cardinal, to those attending his funeral and to all Poles; in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

From the Vatican, 24 January 2013.



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