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Pontifical Messages


  • Message to Cardinal Anastasio Alberto Ballestrero, President of the Italian Episcopal Conference (November 21, 1981)
    [Italian, Portuguese, Spanish]
  • Address on the 50th anniversary of the illumination of the statue of Christ the Redeemer on Corcovado Hill in Rio de Janeiro (October 12, 1981)
    [Italian, Portuguese, Spanish]
  • Message signed by Cardinal Casaroli, in the name of the Holy Father John Paul II, to the President of the Italian Center of Liturgical Action on the occasion of the 32nd National Liturgical Week (August 20, 1981)
    [Portuguese, Spanish]
  • Message, on behalf of the Holy Father John Paul II, on the occasion of the celebrations for the Saints Cyril and Methodius (July 2, 1981)
    [Portuguese, Spanish]
  • Message to the people of Poland on the occasion of the feast of Saint Stanislaus (May 10, 1981)
    [Italian, Portuguese, Spanish]
  • Message to Bishops taking part in the meeting on "Human Sexuality and Personality " held in Dallas, United States (February 10, 1981)
  • To the participants of the Non-Allied Countries Conference held in New Delhi, India (February 9, 1981)
    [Portuguese, Spanish]
  • Message on the occasion of the inauguration of the Vatican exhibition in Japan signed by Card. Agostino Casaroli (January 4, 1981)


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