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  • Address to the Ambassador of the Dominican Republic to the Holy See (January 8, 1948)
    [French, Italian, Spanish]
  • Radio message to the people of Argentina for the help provided to the European countries during the war (February 1, 1948)
  • Address Nel ritrovarci on the occasion of the inauguration of the new year of the Pontifical Academy of Science (February 8, 1948)
  • Address to the new Ambassador of Argentina to the Holy See (March 6, 1948)
    [Italian, Spanish]
  • Meeting with the Clergy of the Diocese of Rome (March 10, 1948)
  • Radio message Decimus impletus on the tenth anniversary of the International Eucharistic Congress of Budapest (May 30, 1948)
  • To the new Ambassador of the Republic of Ecuador to the Holy See (July 13, 1948)
    [Italian, Spanish]
  • Radio message to youth gathered in Santiago de Compostela (August 28, 1948)
  • Radio message for the closing of the Inter-American Congress on Catholic Education held in La Paz, Bolivia (October 6, 1948)
  • To pilgrims from Spain (October 24, 1948)
  • Address Nous sommes très sensible on the occasion of the Second International Congress for the foundation of the  European Federal Union (November 11, 1948)
  • To the new Ambassador of Spain to the Holy See (December 12, 1948)
  • Address Magno animi nostri to the Hon. Mr Luigi Einaudi, President of the Italian Republic (December 15, 1948)
  • Radio message Gravi ed ad un tempo to the faithful for Christmas (December 24, 1948)

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