Card. Joseph Ratzinger's interventions
The Holy See
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Some texts by Card. Joseph Ratzinger 



  • Homily of Card. Joseph Ratzinger, on behalf of the Holy Father, for the funeral mass of Card. Corrado Bafile (February 5, 2005)
    [German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish]
  • Homily of Card. Joseph Ratzinger during the Mass for the Pontifical Academy of Sciences celebrated in Montecassino (November 7, 2004)
  • Address to the Holy Father by Card. Joseph Ratzinger on the occasion of the plenary assembly of the Pontifical Biblical Commission (April 20, 2004)
  • Address to the Holy Father by Card. Joseph Ratzinger, Dean of the College of Cardinals (December 22, 2003)
    [Italian, Portuguese]
  • Intervention by Card. Joseph Ratzinger at the Symposium of the Pontifical Lateran University on the 25th anniversary of the Pontificate of His Holiness John Paul II (May 9, 2003)
    [German, Spanish]
  • Greetings of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger - New dean of the College of Cardinals (December 21, 2002) 
  • Address of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger on the Jubilee of Catechists and Religion Teachers (December 10, 2000)
    [French, Italian, Portuguese]
  • Address of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger to the International Convention on the implementation of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council (February 27, 2000)
    [French, Italian, Spanish]
  • Presentation of the Apostolic Letter Mulieris dignitatem of the Holy Father John Paul II, on the dignity and vocation of woman (September 30, 1988)
  • Letter of His Eminence Card. Joseph Ratzinger to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on Certain Questions concerning the Minister of the Eucharist - Sacerdotium ministeriale (August 6, 1983)
    [German, Spanish, Italian, Latin, Portuguese]