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Pontifical Academy for Life


  • Reflection by H.E. Msgr. Elio Sgreccia on The Christian conscience in support of the right to life (February 2007)
    [Italian, Portuguese]
  • Intervention of H.E. Msgr. Elio Sgreccia at the International Congress on "Stem cells: what future for therapy?" (September 16, 2006)
    [Portuguese, Spanish]
  • Final statement of the 12th General Assembly and of the International Congress on: "The Human Embryo before Implantation. Scientific Update and Bioethical Considerations" (February 27-28, 2006)
    [Italian, Portuguese, Spanish]
  • Press Conference for the General Assembly of the Pontifical Academy For Life on the theme: "Quality of Life and the Ethics of Health" (February 21-23, 2005)

  • Intervention by H. E. Msgr. Elio Sgreccia on the occasion of the Resolution of the European Parliament on "Health, Sexual and Reproductive Right" (July 3, 2002)
    [French, Portuguese]
  • Animal and Vegetable Bio-technology:  New Frontiers and New Responsabilities ( 12 October 1999)

  • "Evangelium Vitae" and Law

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