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 Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People

People on the Move

N° 96 (Suppl.), December 2004


MONDAY, 5 July 2004

pp. 7 Message of the Holy Father
pp. 9

Greetings and Welcome

Cardinal Stephen Fumio HAMAO

Addresses to the Congress:
pp. 13

Cardinal Michael Michai KITBUNCHU, 

Archbishop of Bangkok, President of the Episcopal Conference of Thailand 

pp. 15

Mrs. Juthamas SIRIWAN, Governor, Tourism Authority of Thailand

pp. 17


Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of  Tourism and Sports (Thailand)

pp. 19

Mrs. Patama LEESWADTRAKUL, President of the Local Organizing Committee at the 6th World Congress on the Pastoral Care of Tourism (Thailand)

Opening Speech:
pp. 23

Tourism at the Service of Bringing Peoples Together. Pastoral Outlook

Archbishop Agostino MARCHETTO

TUESDAY, 6 July 2004


pp. 39

La dimension sociale et culturelle du Tourisme International

Dr. Francesco FRANGIALLI, Secrétaire Général de lÂ’OMT

pp. 47

Per un turismo al servizio dello sviluppo

Dott. Norberto TONINI, Presidente del BITS

pp. 57

La rencontre M. lÂ’Abbé José da Silva LIMA, Professeur


Tourism at the Service of Bringing Peoples Together  Mr. Ranjan SOLOMON

pp. 77

Bringing Peoples Together for a Just Peace: Challenges to Tourism in the 21st Century Bro. Anthony ROGERS, FSC

pp. 91

Tourism in India: Its Religious, Cultural and Social Dimensions. Goa and the ChurchÂ’s Role Rev. Fr. Francis ROZARIO, OFM

pp. 99

Tourism Industry in East Africa in View of Its Pastoral Care

H.E. Msgr. Matthias SSEKAMANYA

pp. 103

Le Touriste, une Personne à rencontrer, non un portefeuille à plumer

R. P. Philippe GOUPILLE

pp. 107

“Tourism at the Service of Bringing Peoples Together” 

(A Reflection in a Philippine Setting) Msgr. Roberto ESPENILLA

Round Table
pp. 115

A Report on Sex Tourism and Trafficking of  Women and Children

Rev. Father Shay CULLEN, MSSC

pp. 125

The Dimensions of Sex Tourism and Initiatives to Combat It (in Thailand)

Sister Michelle LOPEZ, RGS

pp. 131

The Dimension of Sex Tourism and Initiatives to Combat It (in Nepal)

Mrs. Rupa RAI

pp. 137

Main Responses to Child Sex Tourism  Mr. Luc FERRAN

WEDNESDAY, 7 July 2004


pp. 143

Quitter chez soi pour rencontrer les autres

M. lÂ’Abbé Jean-Yves BAZIOU, Professeur

pp. 155

La acogida, misión evangelizadora

S.E. Mons. Ramón Benito DE LA ROSA Y CARPIO

pp. 169

New Horizons for the Pastoral Care of Tourism  H.E. Msgr. Raul N. GONSALVES

pp. 183

Pastoral del Turismo: un desafío actual para nuestro tiempo

S.E. Mons. Rubén Oscar FRASSIA

pp. 187

Pastoral del Turismo en la Universidad R. P. Manuel MARTÍNEZ MACIEL, OP


Le Tourisme au Moyen Orient (spécialement en Egypte)

M. lÂ’Abbé Louis NOSHY GARAS

pp. 197

Tourism: Situation and Its Pastoral Care in Thailand

H.E. Msgr. Lawrence SAMANCHIT

pp. 201

La Pastorale del turismo in Italia  Mons. Carlo MAZZA

pp. 207

Pastorale des réalités du tourisme et des loisirs (en France)

Rev. P. Olivier MORAND

pp. 211

Tourism and the Church in the U.S.A.  Rev. Fr. John JAMNICKY

pp. 213

Tourism at the Service of the Encounter among Peoples

(A Vision from Germany)  Rev. Dr. Peter PRASSEL

pp. 219

Le Tourisme au service de la rencontre entre les Peuples

(une vision belge)  Rév. P. Jacques RIGA

pp. 231

La Pastorale per gli sportivi in occasione dei Giochi Olimpici ad Atene

S.E. Mons. Ioannis SPITERIS

pp. 237

Document Final

pp. 243

Final Document

pp. 249

Documento Finale

pp. 255

Documento Final (em português)

pp. 261

Documento Final (en español)

pp. 269


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List of Participants