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(5 July 2014)


Live video transmission by CTV
(Vatican Television Center)

Vatican Player


 Saturday, 5 July 2014

7:45 Departure by helicopter from the Vatican heliport
8:45 Landing at the heliport of the University of Molise in Campobasso
9:00 Meeting with the world of labour and industry in the Great Hall of the University of Molise
10:30 Eucharistic Concelebration in the old Romagnoli Stadium in Campobasso
12:30 Greetings to a group of sick people gathered in the Cathedral of Campobasso
13:00 Luncheon with the poor assisted by Caritas at the "House of Angels" in Campobasso
14:30 Transfer by helicopter to Castelpetroso
15:15 Meeting with the young people of the Dioceses of Abruzzo and Molise in Piazzale del Santuario di Castelpetroso
16:00 Transfer by car to Isernia
16:30 Meeting with the detainees in the local prison of Isernia
17:45 Greeting to the sick gathered in the Cathedral of Isernia
18:15 Meeting with the citizens and proclamation of the Celestine Jubilee Year in Piazza della Cattedrale di Isernia
19:30 Departure by helicopter for Rome from the heliport of the Isernia fire service
20:15 Arrival at the Vatican heliport

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