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Mr Jacques Diouf
Director General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations,

On the occasion of World Food Day, I am happy to convey the warm greetings of His Holiness Pope John Paul II to you and the representatives of the various countries who have gathered in the historic city of Quebec to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of the Food and Agriculture Organization.

The theme chosen for this day, "Food for All". Not only refers to the growing needs of humanity but above all sums up the demand for a renewed interest in and joint action on behalf of the peoples which, for various reasons, cannot satisfy their own essential needs. It is the dignity of every human person which demands that the barriers which hinder the attainment of this objective should be overcome through the determination of all and through the allocation of resources to the appropriate programmes conducted by FAO.

The fiftieth anniversary of FAO should encourage a return to the founding inspiration which led to the creation of this organization: to free humanity from the spectre of hunger by the promotion of planned agricultural activity and production in every country, and the ensuring of effective cooperation among all states. This is a plan which cannot be disregarded in the name of particular interests or as a consequence of unjust policies or mechanisms which slow down the necessary distribution of the fruits of the earth.

His Holiness asks Almighty God to bless the work of those who promote World Food Day, and he prays that every member of the human family will be able to share in the abundant fruits of creation.

16 October 1995

*Document de la Mission du Saint-Siège auprès de la FAO.

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