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Saturday, 23 December 1978


Dear Friends,

Today's meeting takes on a character of special importance and meaning, because, emerging from the usual pattern of presence, reserve, and silent work which you carry out in the Pope's service, it gives rise to a manifestation of sentiments, a communion of spirits and a feast of hearts.

It is the birthday of Jesus! In the happy memory of this wonderful event for the history of human salvation, in the spirit of the teaching of the Word of God Incarnate, full of grace and truth, in the spirit of the light of true goodness which irradiates from the Heavenly Child, we unite more spontaneously together, rediscovering in this way the human and Christian dimension, which reveals to us the most genuine and noble aspects of our hearts.

You are present here, in fact, with your families, to reaffirm to the Pope, by means of the presentation of fervent Christmas greetings, your deep devotion, your reverent affection, and your unconditioned faithfulness to his person and his service.

I express to you, together with my sincere appreciation, deep gratitude for this new and significant testimony of filial respect, in addition to the many others which you continually offer through your work, carried out with discretion, diligence, and refined manners. To your respectful homage, as well as to the assurance of prayers, I reply, also, by beseeching the Child Jesus to shower upon you and your relatives the gifts of his love, to grant his peace to your hearts and your homes, to illuminate your way with his light and, finally, to comfort your existence with his heavenly grace.

To seal these fatherly wishes and as a confirmation of my benevolence, I willingly impart the propitiating Apostolic Blessing to you present here, and to all the persons who are dear to you.


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© Copyright - Libreria Editrice Vaticana