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Monday, 9 December 1985


Mr Ambassador,

With great pleasure I welcome you to the Vatican. And I am happy to underline the special significance of this moment in which I gladly receive the Letters accrediting you as the First Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Nepal to the Holy See.

I am grateful for the kind greetings which you have expressed on behalf of His Majesty King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev, and I would ask you kindly to convey to His Majesty my good wishes and the assurance that the Holy See profoundly desires to maintain and promote further the mutual good will and friendly relations existing between us.

Your country is experiencing a period of economic and social development, and, as you pointed out, your people are concerned to share more fully in the benefits of an improved quality of life. From your words it is also apparent that your leaders and citizens are aware that this development should always be placed at the service of the whole human person. Development brings true progress when it responds to material needs and, at the same time, satisfies the requirements of the cultural, moral and religious life of individuals and of society. Nepal is rightly proud of its cultural and spiritual heritage. Indeed your people are known and esteemed for the qualities of perseverance and courage, united to an innate sense of independence, which characterize the life and history of your country.

By taking an active part in international affairs, your peace-loving, people are manifesting their particular sensitivity to the urgent need for a solid basis of peace and justice in relations between peoples and between States. In the context of this concrete search for peace in collaboration with the world community, I wish to express to you, Mr Ambassador, the Holy See’s appreciation and respect for the proposal put forward by His Majesty the King to declare Nepal a “Zone of Peace”.

Following the teachings and example of her Founder, the Catholic Church seeks to promote a right order of values in human affairs. To work for peace is to serve the cause of human dignity; it is to defend the fundamental rights of individuals and groups; it is to act according to the principles of solidarity and brotherhood in the service of the common good. The safeguarding of these values is essential to the well-being and happiness of all. The Holy See hopes that the voice of Nepal will be raised in the international arena in support of a vision of humanity that respects the deepest aspirations of the human heart to peace and goodness.

Mr Ambassador, your role as representative of your country to the Holy See has a specific character, corresponding to the religious and humanitarian mission and goals which the Holy See pursues in its relations with the various States and International Organizations. You may count on the sincere collaboration of the various departments with which you will be in contact. I pray that Almighty God will abundantly bless you in your service to your country, and that you will be happy in the fulfilment of your task.

I pray too for the health and well-being of His Majesty and of all the people of Nepal. May God be with you!

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© Copyright - Libreria Editrice Vaticana