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Bombay (India)
, 9 February 1986

O Mary of Nazareth, Mother of God, Mother of the Church,

At the end of this Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, we turn to you in prayer, with confidence and hope; we offer to you the deepest thoughts of our hearts.

We come to you, Holy Mother of God, mindful of your Son’s last words to you as you stood at the foot of the Cross: "Woman, behold, your son!".

Woman, behold your son! Mary, behold your sons and daughters! Dearest Mother, behold your children here on earth, behold your sons and daughters here in India!

In imitation of Jesus who entrusted the beloved disciple John to your care, I entrust to you all the people dwelling in this great land. Be near them with your motherly protection. Open your arms to embrace all those who look to you and ask you to present their prayers to God.

O Mary, Virgin Most Pure, I entrust to your love and care all the youth of India, the children whose innocence expresses the goodness of their Creator and whose littleness reveals the greatness of their Maker. We pray for the young people who are searching for the truth and for direction and purpose in their lives. We ask you to guide the young men who are studying in the seminaries, and all those who are preparing to consecrate their lives to God through the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience.

Loving Mother of our Saviour, I entrust to you all families, especially husbands and wives seeking to model their home on your home in Nazareth. Intercede for parents and their children, that their love may be strong and faithful like the love that fills your own Immaculate Heart.

Mary Most Holy, we entrust to you the family which is the Church in India, with its clergy and religious, its different rites and liturgical traditions, its two millennia of experience and its ever vigorous youth. As part of the Body of Christ on earth, the Church in India seeks to imitate your divine Son and to be for the people of this land his voice, his hands, his feet, his body given in sacrifice. I place before you her great work of spiritual renewal, her efforts to proclaim the Gospel of merciful love, her ecumenical initiatives, her desire to be a reconciling force within society. Pray for your sons and daughters of the Church, that they may be always faithful, always filled with joy and hope, always a people of charity proclaiming the Good News to the poor. In the love of your Son embrace all those who suffer: the old and the feeble, the sick and the lonely, all those who are discouraged and destitute.

Mary, Queen of Peace, your children long for peace. They hunger and thirst for justice. They desire to live in harmony despite all the violence and divisions which exist in the world. Your Son prayed to the Father "that they may all be one", and today we make his prayer our own. We count on your intercession before God’s throne of grace. Obtain for us the favour to live in perfect union with Jesus and with our brothers and sisters. And may all that we say and do give ever greater glory and praise to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


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