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Friday, 28 November 2003


Mr President,

1. I am pleased to extend a cordial greeting to you and to express sentiments of gratitude for your visit this morning. This marks the first meeting between the supreme Authority of the Republic of Moldova and the Successor of Peter since your Country appeared on the international scene as a sovereign and independent Nation. Welcome!

In addressing you, I intend to direct an affectionate thought also to your fellow citizens, together with my encouragement to continue with confidence in the building of a Nation worthy of its noble traditions. The Nation that you represent has only recently gained its independence, and for this it needs to be kindly sustained in its efforts to surmount the inevitable difficulties that are especially common at the outset. Moldova, situated on the border dividing the Latin and Slav worlds, must make dialogue an essential working instrument of its own action, to allow the concrete possibilities of peace, justice and well-being to emerge.

2. The Catholic community, although small in number, is actively engaged in this process. Led by its zealous Pastor, it places itself as a lively and generous interlocutrix of society.

I would like to emphasize that the Church in Moldova is able to carry out freely its own mission of evangelization and charitable service, and that the State recognizes its legal status. It is desirable that non-judgmental dialogue between State and Church authorities continue in a fruitful manner for the good of the entire Moldavian society, respecting the rules of democracy and the equality of all religious confessions.

Mr President, as I renew the expression of my appreciation for your kind visit, I ask that you assure your fellow citizens of my prayers and continual remembrance, so that they continue to advance along the path of peace and prosperity, assured of Heavenly Blessings.


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