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Message on the occasion of the 4th International Day of Literacy*


The celebration of the 4th International-Literacy-Day offers us, once more, the opportunity to join in your appeal with a view to widening and intensifying the struggle against illiteracy that the human community is beginning to wage, particularly under the care of your Organization.

We do so even more willingly this year, which sees the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the foundation of UNESCO. As a witness to the conscientiousness and perseverance with which, in spite of all difficulties, your Organization has been stimulating Governments and social groups, we wish to declare again how much we share your concerns, especially as regards the urgency of action.

The Catholic Church is determined to take part in the efforts being made both by official authorities and by private organism. Her contribution will be offered particularly at the level of information and formation. Impelled by her faith in the universal brotherhood of men, she invites her faithful to enlist boldly in an action that will enable every man to reach his complete stature.

May the critical and continuous examination of the methods and means used sustain the momentum of this movement on the world scale, inspire closer collaboration and stimulate greater solidarity for the implementation of man’s full development. On all those men and women dedicated to this great fraternal task, we warmly invoke the abundance of divine blessings.

From the Vatican 5 September 1971.


*ORa n.37 p.8.


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