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Message of His Holiness Paul VI
to Mr. Amadou Mahtar M’Bow, Director-General of UNESCO,
on the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of the Organization*


In this year which marks the thirtieth anniversary of UNESCO, we are happy to unite ourselves with all those who look confidently to this international Organization. We hope that, over and above the diversity of mentalities and immediate interests, it will be able to continue to promote effectively for all men the education, science and culture capable of affording their spirit more substantial nourishment, a more universal outlook on affairs and an elevation worthy of their spiritual vocation. Doing so, UNESCO is thus able to make an important contribution to mutual understanding, peace and cooperation among peoples. We willingly renew our hearty encouragement to its leaders to take this eminent task further and further, in an impartial spirit.

We add special wishes for the work of this nineteenth session of the General Conference. We are convinced that the promotion of free, exact and widely spread information, as well as the international exchanges it calls for, are quite compatible with the authority and responsibility of rulers, rightly concerned with the common good of their own countries, and with the elimination of all propaganda in favor of war, violence, racism and apartheid. Expressing to you once more our satisfaction at seeing these problems dealt with at the level of UNESCO, we recommend to Almighty God the efforts undertaken at present for concerted progress towards more truth and brotherhood.

The Vatican, 3 November 1976.


*ORa n.47 p.4.


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