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Tuesday, 21 July 1964 


Your Excellency,

We are very happy to welcome Your Excellency, and to receive from you the letters of Credence with which His Majesty the Emperor of Ethiopia has named you representative of that nation to the Holy See.

Ever since Saint Frumentius, the Apostle of Ethiopia, officially introduced Christianity in the fourth century, Christianity has continued to grow in your land. And today, Catholics are making notable contributions in the fields of education and public assistance. We are sincerely grateful and appreciative of the kind words which His Majesty spoke recently in praise of the activity of the Catholic Church in Ethiopia, and in particular, of his support and encouragement of the initiatives which the Church has sponsored for the spiritual and material welfare of that nation. We know that Catholics in Ethiopia are loyal citizens, proud of their spiritual heritage and most willing to give of themselves and their means for the development of their country.

More recently Ethiopia has assumed a very important role in the development of that vast continent of which it is a part. It was host to the Assembly of Heads of African States in May, 1963, which gave birth to the Organization of African Unity, an instrument which can serve to bring about better understanding between nations and peace among peoples. We are anxious that Ethiopia play its role in modern events, and We are confident that the good relations existing between Ethiopia and the Holy See will continue to flourish for the mutual benefit of both. We wish Your Excellency great success in this new responsibility.

We ask you to transmit to His Majesty the Emperor of Ethiopia Our very best wishes for his continued good health and for the prosperity of his nation and people. May Almighty God bless Ethiopia with His choicest gifts!


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