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Friday, 4 December 1964


Mister Dean,

Through you We wish to extend to all the members of this Hospital Our sincere gratitude for this opportunity of visiting with you: the many doctors without whose selfless dedication this grand work of assisting the sick could hardly be carried out, the nurses, whose generous sacrificing labour makes more effective the work of the doctor, and whose personal interest eases the suffering and demoralization of the patient, above all, the Government of India, which maintains this great institution for the assistance of its citizens. This is indeed a noble work. We have visited your blood bank, and in this We see an example of true brotherhood whereby men, regardless of race, caste or creed, give of their own life substance to succour the needs of those less fortunate. We cannot but encourage this wonderful work and invoke upon it the Blessing of Almighty God. With great interest and affection have We visited the children’s wards. It grieves us to see the young suffering, and Our heart goes out to them and their familiar. In their name and in the name of all suffering children the world over, We express appreciative thanks for all the work being done on their behalf. And now that We are present here in the nurses quarters, We somehow sense that We are making contact with the heart of any hospital. The nursing profession is not an easy one. It requires complete dedication, patience, perseverance and an un-selfish love of neighbour. Jesus Christ, the great Healer, wept at the suffering of the sick, and he extended his healing hand to comfort them and make them whole. It is from him that We beg special graces and heavenly assistance on all doctors and nurses, whose help continues even now his consoling mission. To share with you in this wonderful task entrusted to you, Mr. Dean, We are making a gift to your hospital. We hope in some slight way such instruments will prove most effective as you fulfil your mission for the sick.

From Our heart filled with love for all of you, in the name of Jesus, We now impart to you, your loved ones and in particular the aged and the sick entrusted to your care Our paternal Blessing.


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