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 Church of the Sacred Family, New York
Monday 4 October 1965


It is indeed a distinct pleasure for Us to have this opportunity, however brief, during Our visit to the United Nations, to greet you, one and all, representatives of the various Organizations maintaining relations with the United Nations.

We express Our cordial good wishes to the members of the many Catholic organizations who collaborate with the United Nations to bring the benefits of this international Organization to all parts of the world. We derive satisfaction also from the fact that Our own observers, at least some, are among you, and We wish to make specific mention of Monsignor Alberto Giovannetti, who has the responsible position of Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations.

In a way, We have left Our purely spiritual sphere of activity in order to know your work for peace, to which you are dedicating yourselves so earnestly, and to collaborate with you in so far as it is possible for Us, and to associate Ourself, in a certain measure, with your efforts.

We have said in Our discourse that peace is the work not only, of political wisdom; it is not a result brought about only by pacts or treaties. Rather it is necessary to favour, encourage,. establish and assure peace continually with concrete and specialized organs of peace - and these you are.

We, therefore, have great admiration for you and for your dedicated labours. You are worthy of honour and your efforts merit the grateful prayers of all mankind. We urge you with all Our heart to work even more strenuously for the cause of-peace - a peace based on the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of all men. This the message of Our Divine Saviour, the Prince of Peace; this is the message We wish to leave you today.

This message We intend not only for the Catholic Organizations represented at the United Nations; but We likewise extend it to all of you here present, representing various Protestant and Jewish organizations accredited with the various organizations of the United Nations. The work of peace is not restricted to one religious belief, it is the work and duty of every human person, regardless of his religious conviction. Men are brothers, God is their Father, and their Father wills that they live in peace with one another as brothers should. For Our part, We thank you for the cordial friendship which you have accorded Our Observers, and We promise Our collaboration in so far as We can join in your studies, your programs and your activities, and to this We join Our prayers for the success of your efforts and for God’s choicest blessings on your noble endeavours.


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