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Saturday, 15 April 1967


Members of the World Council
for the Welfare of the Blind,

We are very happy to welcome you to the Vatican and to give your work Our support and approval because We are appreciative of the programs which you sponsor on behalf of those who have been deprived of one of man’s most priceless possessions-sight.

Yours is a very precious work, and even though the obstacles sometimes seem insurmountable, you should not be discouraged. Your reward will be the sincere and eternal gratitude of those to whom you have lent a helping hand. You value the treasure of vision, and you are making efforts to compensate its loss among your brothers. Indeed this is one of the highest forms of Christian love. The blind, the lame, the disfigured and the sick were a special object of Our Lord’s affection. We offer you Christ as the model for your work on behalf of the blind and the deaf. You cannot cure them but you can help compensate by making the blind feel as members of society; you help them become useful members of a community and sharers in the love of men.

We know that you have accomplished much and We nurture the hope that the future will see even greater achievements on behalf of the blind and the deaf. Experience has shown, to the great admiration and satisfaction of all, that these dear brothers of ours attain a richness of marvelous sensibility in many fields. This is to your everlasting credit, and should serve to encourage you to increase your efforts which have been productive of so much good. Rally others to your side because this is a work of true brotherhood. It is truly a special apostolate and your rewards will be many.

We call down upon you, your work and upon our blind and deaf brothers God’s richest blessings and We shall pray that your mission be successful and full of consolations. 


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