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Discours à l’Ambassadeur de BOLIVIE,
S.E.M. José Romero Loza*

Samedi 16 novembre 1968


Mr. Ambassador,

We are pleased and grateful for the remarks Your Excellency has addressed to Us in presenting the Letters of Credence that designate you Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Bolivia to the Holy See. In your expressions of devotion to Our person, in your references to justice and solidarity; in your kind phrases recalling Our messages of peace and love, We hear the echo of the feelings of the most beloved Bolivian nation, object of Our thoughts and hopes.

We follow the situation in Bolivia with cordial solicitude. In the midst of its political vicissitudes how many times have We prayed to the Most High that the right institutions of the life of the country may always discuss ways of normality and stability, that they be continually observed for an ordered effort and good administration, for the respect of the rights of the person, and thus embody and defend ideals of just liberty, of civil and social growth, of peaceful coexistence, ideals that correspond to the legitimate aspirations of man and the inviolable destinies of nations.

As to the economic-social aspect, We rejoice in the proposals of renewal and growing development, the execution of which demands constructive collaboration of minds and wills of all the energies of the country. We say frankly, as We did on Our trip to the Latin American continent and to which Your Excellency has alluded, that as much as could be done to give to the humble people a better standard of living, rewarding workers justly, fulfilling plans that provide for better nutrition, health care, for worthy and proper dwellings, is a work of charity and of justice that can rely on Our encouragement and recognition. In a special way, We wish to refer to cultural programmes, those of basic education, of professional orientation, of the formation of the civic and political conscience, all would contribute so that each one of the citizens, both the less favoured and the wealthy, would develop his own dignity, would be the conscious subject of rights and obligations and would cooperate responsibly in the integral progress of the nation. Our benevolent pleasure and Our consoling benediction go to those in Bolivia who see and undertake these innovations, with a brave outlook, studying and executing projects.

With affectionate interest, We also follow religious undertakings on behalf of the Catholic population of Bolivia which treasures deep virtues. Dwelling on the great dioceses, the parishes, the apostolic organizations scattered throughout the country, gives Us a feeling of pastoral satisfaction in view of the decided efforts that the Episcopate, the clergy, the religious and so many lay people are realizing – efforts accompanied by Our best wishes and prayers – for a greater and more methodical religious instruction, both specialized , and for the general public, for, a constant adaptation to Conciliar directives; for a further impulse of a truly living Christian spirit in consciences, in the family atmosphere, in the national society to whose civil and Christian welfare pastors and sons of the Church should and must contribute, on the toad of modem civilization, as their ancestors did in the past.

Mr. Ambassador! To assure you of Our benevolence in the fulfilling of the high mission that begins today We invoke on you, on the President – for whose greeting We are grateful – the government, and above all, on the beloved people of Bolivia, abundant divine gifts.

*ORa n.35 p.2.


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