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Thursday, 10 July 1969


Mister Ambassador,

It is with great pleasure that We greet Your Excellency today. We are honoured to receive you and to accept the Letters of Credence by which the President of the Republic of Iraq, His Excellency Ahmed Hassan Al-Bakr, has appointed you to be Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Holy See.

In expressing Our very deep gratitude at the kind and friendly words you have addressed to Us to-day, We wish to assure you of Our every desire for the closest and friendliest collaboration.

We greatly appreciate your statement about the importance of the spiritual nature of Man, and the sentiments you have expressed are of valuable encouragement for all who are striving to teach the higher ideals of human nature. We are also pleased at what you have said concerning Our efforts for peace-a work that is part of Our spiritual mission and that We carry on unceasingly for the good of humanity.

We hold out the hand of friendship to your beloved country. The Church only wishes to work in liberty and peace to teach spiritual values and to cooperate, through works of education and charity, for the welfare of the beloved people of Iraq. With this spirit of service, the Holy See hopes it may be possible to overcome any differences that may exist, especially in the field of education.

We particularly ask Your Excellency to convey to your President Our sincere assurances of esteem and regard, and We pray that the people of Iraq may have an abundance of heavenly blessings.

We extend to you, Mister Ambassador, Our good wishes for the successful accomplishment of your high mission, and We reiterate Our deep desire for the happiest and friendliest relations between your country and the Holy See.

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