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Monday, 14 December 1970


Mr. Ambassador,

We keenly appreciate the deferential remarks which you have been pleased to address to Us on this occasion as you present the Letters which accredit you as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Uruguay to the Holy See.

Your courteous words, Mr. Ambassador, contained a reference to the transcendental values of the human person and international peace and social justice which – as Your Excellency was kind enough to point out – are the object of Our pastoral care and constant magisterium.

The Church is the bearer of a divine Message, and therefore considers these problems in respect of their deepest meaning; she seeks fundamental solutions for them, and those solutions find their starting point and reach their fullness in man's loftiest dimensions. When a human being meets another he sees his fellow, but if he looks further, to God, the Father of all, he will go on to find a brother in that fellow man; in that brother he will discern Christ himself, always present amongst us.

Thus conceived, love for others in both human and divine, and gives a new value and a new solidarity to peace, justice and progress and will open up unthought-of horizons which we must reach, in fraternity and hope together with all men of good will.

Hence, in Our Message for the next World Day of Peace, We have laid stress upon this primary truth "Everyone is my brother", which ought to imbue relations among individuals, among social groups and among nations, who will find it an encouragement, a guarantee and sure criterion.

We offer up fervent players and good wishes that your country, which has such rich spiritual and moral reserves, may be in the forefront of this fraternal effort in the service of mankind, and that all Uruguayans may give of their best for the good of their country and all humanity.

As We express Our best wishes and assure you, Mr. Ambassador, of Our good will for the happy accomplishment of your high mission, We invoke continual divine assistance upon your person, upon His Excellency the President and Government of your country, and on all Our beloved children in Uruguay.

*ORa n.53 p.9.


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