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Sunday, 8 August 1971


Beloved sons and daughters,

It is a great joy for us to greet your group this morning. We know that many of you are Blood Indians and that all of you belong to the Blackfeet; you are also sons and daughters of Canada.

As We welcome you We wish to express Our affection for you and your people. We likewise wish to express Our esteem for your Indian culture and for the values which make it up.

We know that these values have been retained and that Christianity has drawn upon them. For this, We pay homage to the missionaries, who with selfless dedication have brought you the Word of God and who still minister among you with fraternal love.

It is Our prayer that your people and all the beloved Indians of Canada may attain the fulness of human progress, and fulfil in highest measure your Christian destiny. In this respect We hope that, as more abundant prosperity becomes yours, the Lord of life will remain your cherished lot. We pray, in a particular way, that among your young people there will be those who joyfully receive God’s call to the priesthood and to religious life, as well as those who dedicate themselves to Christian service in the laity.

Through you We would send Our greeting into your homes and churches, into your schools and places of work. It goes to all: to the old and to the young, and especially to the sick and to the children. Upon all of you We invoke grace and peace from Jesus Christ and in his name We give you Our special Apostolic Blessing.


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