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Monday, 7 August 1972


Mr. Ambassador,

We listened gratefully to the respectful words Your Excellency has just spoken in this act of presenting the Letters that accredit you as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Costa Rica to the Holy See.

In your devoted expressions we could hear the echo of the religious convictions and sentiments which deeply ingrained in the soul and the conduct of Costa Ricans, have contributed to shape the history of their country in its noblest human and spiritual manifestations.

Your Excellency kindly stressed the constant, solicitous labour of the Church in favour of progress and peace, ideals that palpably reflect the deepest concerns and aspirations of the men of our time.

It could not be otherwise. The Church, always faithful to the mandate of her divine Founder, feels deeply and really united with mankind, and continues, with renewed effort, her mission of loyal and vigilant service for mankind. She proclaims the inviolable dignity of the person, the depositary of eternal values; she points out the legitimate channels for a dynamic and orderly expansion of freedom; she promotes a fruitful dialogue, at the level of persons and institutions, to arrive at that harmony of minds and hearts able to bring about within the human family the universal vocation to the common and supernatural destiny of man, that is, to his perfection, his salvation. Is not that constructing the common good?

Hence our deep joy at everything that is done to purify and tighten the bonds of brotherhood, mutual esteem and cooperation in an atmosphere cleared of purely earthly interests, where the individual can develop his personality completely, see his legitimate aspirations, satisfied both on the material and also on the moral and religious plane, and thus become a subject aware of, and responsible for, progress within the community.

We know with what commitment and constancy this task of advancement is being promoted in Costa Rica, with special interest in the education of youth, as the basis of a genuine equality, with a sense of social justice and a guarantee of a prosperous and peaceful society. Let our testimony of fatherly esteem and recognition go to all those in Costa Rica who are dedicating their best energies to this task of formation and planning.

Replying with our most respectful greetings to those that the President of your nation transmitted to us, through your Excellency, we also express our best wishes and we assure you, Mr. Ambassador, of our benevolence for the successful accomplishment of the noble and lofty mission you are now beginning.

With these sentiments we invoke on Your Excellency, your family and our beloved sons of Costa Rica continual and abundant divine favours.

*ORa n.34 p.3.


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