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Wednesday, 12 July 1972


Dear students,

We have mentioned on many occasions how happy we are to have visits from young people and to be with students. This audience today reminds us of the encounters we had with thousands of young people during our journey to the Far East and to Oceania. We recall with joy our meetings both with the University Students of Manila and with the youth of Australia.

On those occasions we spoke of the role of youth today and of their mission to help effectively to build a better world, a world of justice and peace, a world of brotherhood and love.

In this regard we pointed out the challenge that faces youth: to assist all mankind in coming to the fulness of truth and liberation which is found in the Gospel, is exemplified in the perfect man Jesus Christ, and alone satisfies the human heart.

On those occasions our concern was to show that the Church is with you and wants to help you reach your goals. As we told the young people of Australia: the Church “knows what values you possess: your enthusiasm for the future, your strength in numbers, your thirst for what is just and true and your aversion for hatred and its worst expression which is war, even your rejection of the out-of-date elements in present-day civilization. God placed these virtues in you so that you might meet a new situation with a new attitude” (AAS 63, 1971, p. 64).

We repeat to you today the interest that the Church has in you as well as our own deep affection for each of you and for your student colleagues everywhere.

May you be convinced witnesses to Christ’s Gospel of peace, with your hearts open wide to the needs and aspirations of all your brothers and sisters throughout the world.

May the Lord sustain you and bless your efforts. And may he fill you with his love and joy always.


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