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Thursday 5, July 1973


Mr Ambassador,

It gives us great pleasure to receive the Letters accrediting you as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Indonesia to the Holy See. We welcome you here as the worthy representative of your Government and people and we wish to assure you of all the deep affection and regard we have for your country.

As you have mentioned, last year we had the pleasure of receiving a State Visit from His Excellency General Suharto, President of Indonesia, who thus honoured us by repaying the visit which we ourself had the good fortune to make to your country in 1970. This exchange of visits has, we believe, contributed greatly to a deeper understanding and friendship between your nation and the Holy See, and we cherish the most positive memories of these significant occasion. Today we are pleased to accept and reciprocate once again the greetings and good wishes of President Suharto.

You have kindly referred to our mission as a “holy task”. The Church is indeed always present to serve: this is the “holy task” that God has laid upon our shoulders. The Catholic Church is always seeking to find a true expression in each nation’s culture and religious spirit; only thus can her works of service be fully beneficial. This is how we wish to see the Church in Indonesia, and it is in this spirit that we shall continue in our efforts and to the extent of our possibilities to contribute to the integral development of your people. In this regard we rely especially on the generous and selfless dedication of Indonesian and missionary clergy and religious.

We greatly appreciate that distinctive feature of your programme of development which insists that spiritual growth must go hand in hand with economic and social progress. This conviction surely has its roots in the prevailing faith of your people in the One Supreme God. We would add how happy we are that there is in Indonesia a spirit of interreligious harmony that contributes so much to the good relations between the Church and State and among peoples of different religious creeds.

We likewise wish to mention how pleased we are to see Indonesia take her share of responsibility in supporting the recently established peace in Vietnam. This is a manifestation of her commitment to the cause of world peace and an indication of the peaceful relations she enjoys with other countries; moreover it shows her readiness to contribute to the well-being of her Asian neighbours.

Finally, upon all the Authorities of your country and upon its beloved people we cordially invoke the choicest favours of the Almighty, praying that every citizen may enjoy to the full the blessings of human dignity and brotherhood under God. To you personally we extend our good wishes for the happy and fruitful accomplishment of your mission.

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