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Saturday 24, March 1973


Mr Ambassador,

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you and to receive the Letters of Credence by which His Highness the Emir of Kuwait accredits you as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the State of Kuwait to the Holy See.

The formality of the moment does not prevent us from telling you why we find the establishment of diplomatic relations between your country and the Holy See a source of satisfaction. We regard it as an important sign of the times in which we live and we consider our meeting today as an example of the growing communication, understanding and mutual esteem which is drawing men of every race, heritage and tradition closer together. This spirit of openness and universality is indeed a source of great hope for the future.

It is because mutual esteem and respect must find their expression in practical collaboration that we can truly regard the establishment of relations as a step along the path to brotherhood, peace and justice in the world. It is the resolute desire of the Holy See to collaborate according to its possibilities for the achievement of these goals, and in this connection we thank Your Excellency for your complimentary remarks regarding the efforts of the Holy See to promote these essential values.

At the local level, we can assure you that the Catholic Church in Kuwait will continue to work for the betterment of all, and we express the hope that the Church in your country will ever enjoy the freedom granted to it for the fulfilment of its religious and educational work.

Finally we ask you to convey our greetings to His Highness the Emir of Kuwait, together with our sincere good wishes that the people of Kuwait may continue to progress in tranquillity and peace. While we invoke every divine favour upon the people of your land, we would assure Your Excellency of every assistance on our part for the happy fulfilment of your duties as Ambassador.


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