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Monday, 2 September 1974


We are happy to address a message of greeting, of blessing, and of encouragement, to all those who are taking part in the General Assembly of UNDA, the International Catholic Association for Radio and Television.

We take the occasion, also, to greet with warmth and affection all the beloved people of Ireland, and to assure them that they are always in our thoughts and prayers.

The present UNDA Congress, the largest so far assembled, with national delegations from over sixty countries, will study how Radio and Television can best be made to serve mankind. It will consider the related themes of Mass Media, Evangelization and Development.

The early preachers of the Good News of Salvation used the means which were available in their time to communicate the Gospel to as many men as possible. They had so little, yet they accomplished so much! We can draw powerful inspiration from their example, especially in Ireland where concern for the diffusion of Christ’s Message is no less active today than it was when Columban, Gall, Fergal and Killian blazed the Christian trail. Extraordinary technical advances have today placed wonderful aids to communication in our hands. Surely we must make the best possible use of the means which our age provides.

This is, of course, what UNDA is endeavouring to do in close collaboration with our Pontifical Commission for Social Communications.

We commend the endeavours of this International Association, and we thank the members of UNDA for their valued service to the Faith of Jesus Christ and to the Church. We wish to give all possible encouragement to the objectives of their Plenary Assembly in Dublin, which are very much in harmony with the subject which the Synod of Bishops will shortly study in its fourth General Assembly.

One final word. In the hands of men dedicated to peace and love among men, how powerful these two great media, Radio and Television, can be in promoting the objectives of the Holy Year, Reconciliation and Renewal. We have the fullest confidence that the UNDA Congress, the many peoples represented by its participants, and the Irish people who are its generous hosts, will keep these great aims close to their hearts, and continuously in their prayers.

To all of you, with great affection, we impart our special Apostolic Blessing.


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