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Saturday, 3 December 1977


Mr Ambassador,

On this solemn occasion, as you present your Letters of Credence as the first Ambassador of the Republic of Iceland to the Holy See, you likewise evoke the millenary ties between your people and the Catholic Church. And today we are pleased to see realized a new step in the history of happy relations between Iceland and the Holy See.

We thank His Excellency the President of Iceland, Dr Kristjan Eldjárn, for his personal greetings and good wishes, which we cordially reciprocate. We are also grateful to Your Excellency for your kind words about the contribution of the Catholic Church to the wellbeing of your country, and for your reference to our own activities at the service of the nations of the world. It is indeed our intention to continue to work for peace and development, as well as for the spiritual welfare of all peoples.

In this regard be assured of our solicitude and friendship for Iceland, for our Catholic sons and daughters, and for all the peace-loving and industrious people of the Island. There nature constantly speaks to you of God and of the majesty and power of his creation. At the same time it demonstrates the need for fraternal collaboration and united action.

Our prayer today is that your country will realize to the full its destiny within the family of nations, and go forward to ever greater achievements. May the Christian faith of your people be an ever active inspiration for an upright life of service and of edification to others.

To you, Mr Ambassador, we extend a cordial welcome with the assurance of our support for you in your new diplomatic mission. And upon all the authorities and citizens of your land we invoke abundant blessings from God.

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