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Thursday, 10 November 1977


We are happy to receive you, Gentlemen, on the occasion of the study days in the course of which you are preparing, with your Italian Christian Democratic Colleagues, fin the next session of the European Parliament.

It was in this capacity that you asked to visit us today. You have accepted these European parliamentary functions in order to instil gradually in legislations and mentalities the ideal of a deeper unity among your peoples. We know what this membership of the parliaments of your different countries and of the European Assembly represents in the way of extra work and fatigue, indispensable meetings and repeated journeys.

You will allow us to encourage you to deepen always the sense of service that must animate these multiple activities. They give you, in fact, the possibility – which is a duty for every Christian engaged in public life – of imbuing with the evangelical spirit the most technical occupations, when they are conceived as a contribution to the progress of human brotherhood, in conformity with the teaching of the Lord.

We hope, therefore, that your work will be fruitful, and we willingly invoke on your persons, your families and your countries, the abundance of divine blessings

With a special greeting to Mr. President we express the wish that, in your responsible activity for the just, united and social formation of the European community of peoples, you will let yourselves be guided particularly by your fundamental Christian convictions and values. The solidarity of the Church is always with you in this. Therefore we accompany your activity also with our prayer and our sincere good wishes.

*ORa n°47 p.3.


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