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Friday, 14 October 1977


Mr. Ambassador,

We are happy to extend to Your Excellency our cordial welcome at this moment when you present to us the Letters that accredit you as Ambassador of the Republic of Venezuela to the Holy See.

Listening to Your kind words, we felt more keenly the spiritual closeness of your country to this Apostolic See, a closeness – as Your Excellency observed – forged throughout the history of Venezuela by the continual and fruitful activity of the Church through her members and her institutions. All this is reciprocated by us with feelings of sincere affection and trust for your noble and beloved country.

We are also glad to note how this presence, rooted in consciences and taking concrete form in so many initiatives, continues to inspire and promote a community desire to serve the advancement of the individual and the progress of society, in a word, the development of the person in all his dimensions. We cannot but recall in this connection with real pleasure that the President of the Republic, in his recent visit, re-echoed the same resolutions. Our sincere and renewed gratitude goes to him, as well as our thanks for the respectful greeting he transmitted to us through Your Excellency.

We wish to see in these spiritual and human values a sign and a guarantee of a promising future for your country, so well provided, moreover, with material resources by the Creator.

We see, likewise, that there is a conscious and resolute commitment on the part of the leaders of the government the different social groups, and individuals – which for the Pastors and faithful of the Church in Venezuela is a joyful mission, never to be renounced – to spare no effort to make more and more tangible and lasting an atmosphere of peaceful co-existence in which one and all will not only not lack food, work and education but will be able to satisfy their capacities and legitimate hopes, in which one and all will see their personal dignity respected and fostered in its various manifestations; in which they will feel resolutely committed in face of the social problems that arise in regard to a free participation, in conformity with conscience, on the part of all citizens.

Mr. Ambassador, recommending these wishes of ours to the Almighty, we also invoke divine favour on your country, your rulers, and today in particular on Your Excellency, to whom we wish success to the accomplishment of your high and noble mission.

*ORa n.43 p.6.


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