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Thurdsay 27 October 1949


One is often reminded today, honourable Members of the United States Senate, that the world is much smaller than it was a century, even a generation ago. The vast strides made by industry and the inventive genius of the human mind have thrown around this earthly globe bonds that draw together the remotest regions, where men toil and make merry, love and suffer and strive for peace and prosperity.

And this is true. But it is no less true, and it is encouraging to witness the fact, that this very suffering, which is the common lot that sooner or later, in one form or another, falls to every man, and this very human craving for peace are also cementing, if not yet genuine friendship, at least a deepening sense of mutual interest, of sympathy and mutual need, which wise statesmanship will devote its enlightened and most effective efforts to strengthen and make permanent and ennoble.

May We add—and you will agree with Us—this worthy goal will not be achieved until recognition is given to the further fact, that the only secure foundation of this world harmony is that essential union already existing between all men, whose God and Creator is their one, common Father in heaven, Who has given His only begotten Son in redemption for one and all. It is the mission of the Church to hasten the day when this recognition will be given universally. All Our day and all Our days are consecrated to work for that end. Its realization is one of the many blessings from on high We pray God may grant to you and your loved ones at home.

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