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 Mardi 27 mai 1952


Document remis par Pie XII à M. G.J. van Heuven Goedhart, Haut Commissaire des Nations Unies pour les Réfugiés, durant l’audience du 27 mai 1952

Among the many painful and distressing Problems created by the war, there is one which, despite the organized efforts made in recent years to solve it, remains a source of grave preoccupation. It is that of the refugees, those of our fellowmen who under pressure of political events, have been forced to abandon their homesteads and country and seek hospitality and a livelihood in foreign lands.

If We plead their cause, it is to give a renewed expression to the abiding interest which We have ever taken in their sad lot, and to pledge the continued support of the Holy See for the praiseworthy work being accomplished by international organizations for the alleviation of their pitiable condition. In this regard We warmly commend the recent initiative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees which has its objective the establishment of a fund for the purpose of providing for the essential human needs of the many refugees who, by reason of their extreme poverty, are unable to maintain themselves while awaiting resettlement.

Our earnest solicitude for these sorely afflicted members of the human family urges Us t o exhort governmental authorities as also social service and charitable associations to co-operate wholeheartedly in fostering this very laudable initiative and to contribute generously to this most timely appeal. In doing so, We feel confident that We are voicing the sentiments of all those who, because they dearly cherish the Christian values and freedom for which, in such great part, these refugees are suffering, cannot remain unmoved by their present adversity nor be indifferent to their future destiny »

*L'Osservatore Romano, 18.7.1952.


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