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 Giovedì, 27 giugno 1957


Your association, gentlemen, bears a title, that on first blush would seem to recall to one that massive wall of a fierce and restless ocean, that tosses in its mysterious depths and divides the continents of men permanently. But that ocean was never intended by the Creator, as you well know and appreciate, to separate into isolated units the peoples inhabiting the lands washed by its waters. Already Science in its giant strides especially during the first half of this century has conquered many barriers due to distance and difficult communication; and the exchange of visitors from the lands bordering the sea goes on increasing year by year.

But even though these visitors may be impressed by the monuments pointing to the common Christian civilization of the West and its culture, no one will say, that is enough to enlighten them on the deeper, closer and more secure union existing between their peoples and all the peoples of the world. That is not perceived by eye or ear. It is a truth that calls for instruction and study. One purpose, We note, of your organization—The Atlantic Treaty Association—limited perforce in its present field to certain countries, is to impart that instruction, and with admirable sagacity you wish to enlist the cooperation of the schools in that task. All praise to you for that.

The School indeed has an indispensable role to play in the achievement of world peace. It is time to broaden the view of youth and open their minds to a breath of catholicity. Let them drink in the invigorating air of universal charity, purified by a faith, that teaches that in God's plan everyman is his neighbour's brother, every people a member in the family of Nations, which forms a single community destined for a common end and with solemn, social obligations resting on all. Be assured, gentlemen, that We heartily endorse the generous efforts your Association will make that aim at instilling this truth in the minds of the rising generations and keeping it alert.

We have been very happy to grant the request of your Chairman in receiving you this morning; and with these few words of fatherly encouragement We pray God's blessing on you, your dear ones and on all the members of your Association.

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