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Alcuni giornalisti degli Stati Uniti d'America — redattori di agenzie di stampa, di quotidiani, settimanali e periodici della radio — su invito del Governo Americano, compiono un viaggio di informazione in Europa. Essi hanno espresso il vivissimo desiderio di potere, durante la permanenza in Roma, presentare deferente ossequio al Capo venerato della Chiesa. Sua Santità li accoglie, con grande affabilità, nella Sala del Tronetto, giovedì 12 giugno 1958.

Gentlemen of the Press :

How often during recent years We have received members of your profession. And always it was with pleasure ; because if a word from Us will even in a small way encourage you to measure up to the lofty purpose and demanding principles of an honourable press, then Our own sense of satisfaction deepens for a good of world-wide importance achieved. Who will weigh the impact for good or evil of the modem n means of communication? and journalism stili plays a prominent and relevant role in that art.

Your present trip has been sponsored by the government of your country and you are accompanied by high-ranking officers of the Air Force, to whom also We extend Our welcome. The scope of your trip would seem to be to get on-the-spot knowledge of certain situations that are of concern to your reading public. Approach any serious situation, in this as in similar cases, with an open mind and an independent, enlightened conscience; try to grasp facts clarified by all the circumstances bearing on them; with honesty then and prudence present your findings, never unmindful of your responsibility to the greater good of your country and the world.

Truth, justice, genuine goodness, fraternal love—how mankind craves secure possession of those blessings of a just and loving God! We know the press can do much to satisfy that universal desire, and We renew the expression of Our confidence that you, gentlemen, will rise to the challenge. That you may meet it with success, with paternal affection We beg God's grace and guidance for you.

*Discorsi e Radiomessaggi di Sua Santità Pio XII, XX,
Ventesimo anno di Pontificato, 2 marzo - 9 ottobre 1958, p. 193
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