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Thursday, 4 October 1984


Dear Friends,

I am happy to welcome to the Vatican the Board of Directors of "Encyclopaedia Britannica". Your desire to meet with the Pope on the occasion of your Board Meeting in Rome pleases me personally and expresses at the same time your own convictions about the importance which you attribute to faith, religion and spiritual values. I am well aware, too, of the love for learning and deep interest in culture which each of you exemplifies. Your collaboration in the direction of this well-known encyclopedia shows your dedication to the advancement of learning and knowledge and to the development of peoples through the sharing of this great resource.

The search for truth and beauty, and efforts to further their advancement, are indeed a special service to humanity. We Christians believe that, as Jesus said, "The truth will set you free". And we are all aware of how the beauty of God’s creation or of man’s artistic genius uplifts the mind and heart and enriches the quality of human life. Whoever engages in the advancement of truth and beauty finds in the Church a friend and ally. For together we stand before a great mystery which all our artistic and academic efforts could never exhaust nor our minds ever fully comprehend.

In a spirit, then, of respect and solidarity, I encourage you to continue your worthy endeavours to promote the cause of truth and the sharing of knowledge, and to contribute to the building up of culture. May the Lord bless your dedication to this special service to humanity. And may God bestow his blessings of peace and joy upon you and all the members of your families.


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