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Giovedì, 10 marzo 1994

Dear Friends,

Thank you for paying me a visit as you return to Canada. I am pleased to have this opportunity to greet you, the soldiers of the 120th Canadian Armoured Regiment, who have just participated in the difficult and sensitive mission of the UNPROFOR in Bosnia.

You know how anxiously the Church is watching the situation in Bosnia from day to day. To the best of the Holy See’s ability, we spare no efforts in encouraging the quest for peace, with respect for individuals and their family, social and religious life. I would also like to tell you of my great esteem for the “Blue Berets” of the various nations, who contribute in very difficult conditions to limiting the actions of war and to bringing that unfortunate country closer to the peace for which all its inhabitants long.

With praiseworthy perseverance, you have been effective agents of international solidarity. Your presence has enabled humanitarian aid to reach peoples who have been forced into psychological and material living conditions at the very limits of what is humanly tolerable. Without the action of the “Blue Berets”, we know that the situation would have been much more serious.

In the context of this short meeting, I would simply like to thank you on behalf of all those whom you have helped. I hope too that the memories of your mission may make you convinced builders of peace, always open to solidarity, your hearts full of love for all our brothers and sisters in humanity.

I very willingly give you my Apostolic Blessing, so that God may help you along your way.

*L'Osservatore Romano. Weekly Edition in English n. 14 p.7.


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