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Sunday 5 November 2000

Ladies and Gentlemen!

1. We have enjoyed an artistic and musical evening together, which was intended as part of the celebrations for the Jubilee of Government Leaders, Members of Parliament and Politicians. I warmly thank everyone who made it possible and all who saw to the practical arrangements.
The programme prepared was rich and representative of the five continents on which the great human family dwells, lives and works. Together we saw that peace, solidarity and love are possible with everyone's contribution.

My thoughts turn with grateful appreciation to the artists, children, musicians, master of ceremonies and technicians, who led and accompanied us on this inspiring journey along the paths of peace and love.

2. With profound respect I thank our distinguished guests, the Nobel prize winners. They gave us their personal testimony about the importance of ethical and moral values in the life and work of those invested with public authority. The Church has deep esteem for the task entrusted to politicians and government leaders; this is why she never tires of recalling the essential aspect of service which must characterize the activity of those who represent the people and every public authority.

In particular, the Church recalls this aspect to believers, whose faith presents political activity as a vocation. Moreover, all right-minded people find guidance for the decisions that the office entrusted to them obliges them to take in the dictates of the natural law, which echo in their conscience.

3. In speaking of this, we naturally think of the shining figure of St Thomas More, an extraordinary example of freedom and of fidelity to the law of conscience in the face of morally untenable, albeit authoritative, demands. I wanted to proclaim him your patron, dear government leaders, members of parliament and politicians, so that his witness might be an incentive and encouragement to you.

May your work each day be at the service of justice, peace, freedom and the common good. God will not fail to support your efforts, enriching them with abundant fruit so that the civilization of love will become ever more extensive and deeply rooted.

With these hopes and to confirm them, I invoke the Almighty's blessing upon you all. Thank you!

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© Copyright - Libreria Editrice Vaticana